Scarborough Guest Houses

In North Yorkshire an early and timeless town called Scarborough is found, a town which has shifted its purpose and industry many times into what is now one of United Kingdom's most popular tourist destinations. Through all the transformations the town has managed to keep hold of the history which surrounds the entire area, especially in its buildings where many of the Scarborough guest houses reside. These wonderful establishments are blessed by an absolutely stunning setting, with the lush green open spaces stretching over gentle sloping hills and into the horizon and the quaint village type harbour flanked by the white cliffs either side.

Relics of the Bronze Age were uncovered in Scarborough, but the first real infrastructure dates back to 370 AD which is when the Roman Empire was at its strongest, a Roman Signal Station was erected upon the town's headland only to be deserted a year later. Centuries later the town's first castle was built by William Le Gros which was eventually taken over by King Henry II who strengthened and extended the original building. The castle withstood many attacks including an attack from the Scots under Robert The Bruce, but still the castle stood to be a part of Scarborough's history and culture today.

Since the opening of Scarborough's first railway station in 1845 the town has benefited from superb transport to the rest of the country. The opening of the station encouraged people to travel to this splendid location to enjoy its wonderful beaches and remarkable history which was greatly enjoyed in the 19th century by tourists. The trains today bring people by their thousands to this ancient part of the Britain offering easy transfers to and from all major cities around the UK.

The Scarborough beachfront has been perfectly regenerated aiming to please the modern tourist in a tasteful and sophisticated manner, yet still providing a young and vibrant place wrapped in the arms of history. The Scarborough guest houses provide a perfect platform for guests to relax and summon the energy to explore all that this ancient harbour settlement has to offer. Upon exploration guests will find many boutiques, mainstream and traditional restaurants and pubs where good food is always assured and good times can be had.

The Scarborough guest houses are all about location, location, location and from these centrally located guest houses lovely evening walks around the harbour are to be had, these walks remain among the many favourite activities to do in this quaint town. The guest houses boast fantastic menu's offering the visitor both intricate and simple meals all prepared and cooked to perfection by first class chefs who strive to please each and every guest.

Double, twin, single and family rooms are available to all guests and encompass to most modern facilities and services including flat screen televisions with DVD players and Sky. The stunning views to be had from the guestroom windows are outstanding and only add to the already high ambience. This picture is made perfect with luxurious sofas and well appointed en suite Scarboroughrooms which come complete with complementary shampoo's, soaps and lotions, the super soft towel on hand is sure to allow the guest to feel at home.

High speed wireless Internet, tea and coffee making facilities, a fully stocked mini bar fridge and ironing facilities are just an example of some of the extras these excellent Scarborough guest house provide.

Every guest who enters into this majestic land is sure to feel a little something extra, something a little romantic and historic about the area and these guest houses make sure that this feeling is felt throughout the whole of their stay. The aim of the Scarborough Guest Houses is to allow the tourist to embark on journey of a lifetime, and with amenities, services and the friendly staff on hand this is the perfect holiday solution for even the most discerning traveller.